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Chris SilichCreative Technologist

Chris looking exceptionally thoughtful


Creative Technologist


Chris is a talented and thoughtful software developer, graphic designer, and creative technologist, open to new opportunities.

His tech skills are strongest in Vue, React, SCSS, and Wordpress, but he also has plenty of experience in NextJS, GSAP, Laravel, Unity, Node, and a lot of CSS and UI frameworks.

He started his career in graphic design, UX/UI, and motion graphics, which makes him extremely detail-oriented, a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to executing a design and upholding a brand.

He spent the last nine years in higher education at a portfolio school called the Creative Circus, as the director of the design and creative technology programs. This wealth of teaching experience makes him a very good communicator, team-member, and leader. At the same time, he freelanced in order to stay up-to-date with the industry (and pay the bills!).

Chris is also a father, husband, friend, teacher, nerd, artist, technologist, and a bunch of other things.

Selected Projects

This site

NextJS & Headless Wordpress

NextJS (React) app with SCSS, GSAP, custom design, connected to "Headless" Wordpress with its JSON API.

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Image for project, This site

Atlanta Decorative Arts Center

Wordpress Development

Atlanta-based showrooms for interior decorators. Custom Wordpress theme, event calendar and registration system, showroom directory system.

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Image for project, Atlanta Decorative Arts Center

The Creative Circus

Design & Wordpress Development

Website for the world-renowned creative portfolio school in Atlanta. Original playful design, custom Wordpress theme, long term maintenance.

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Image for project, The Creative Circus


React Web App

A React web app; sort of a simplified, faster Pinterest. Uses Google Firebase for login and storage, and Google Custom Search for content.

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Image for project, Taggr


Lasers, Arduino, Unity, Projection

Is it a game, a sports training device, a way to annoy my coworkers... Who knows? It's definitely a grid of lasers in front of a projection screen, telling a Unity game (via arduino serial communication) how the player is interacting in the real world.

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Image for project, Laser­Ball

Portfolio Review

Design & Vanilla HTML/CSS Development

A funky little website, designed and hand-coded in the new CSS Grid system. Used to promote recently graduated students to agencies and recruiters.

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Image for project, Portfolio Review

Creative Circus Student Show

Design & Wordpress Development

Website for a student award show. Original design, custom wordpress theme, complex user account and voting system

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Image for project, Creative Circus Student Show

Mechan­ical Zen Garden

Arduino, motors, magnets, 3d prints

It's a coffee table. It's a zen garden. It's actually the most zen zen-garden coffee table ever, because it rakes itself.

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Image for project, Mechan­ical Zen Garden

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